Class 1 Trailed
1st Mick Osborne
2nd John Crowder
3rd Ray Graham
4th Paul Bartle
5th Frank Millington

Class 2 - Novice
1st Jo Burrows
2nd John Tomlinson
3rd Cliff Lumsden
4th Wendy Rout
5th David Dawson

class 3 Intermediate
1st Alan Criffin
2nd Lewis Ross
3rd = David Barrett
3rd = Philip Strawson
3rd = Gary Seaston

Class 4 - Open
1st Dave Horton
2nd Simon Durant
3rd Michael Hart
4th Ron Bullock

Class 5 Classic
1st Arthur Woolas
2nd Chris Young
2nd = John Plowright
4th Alex Townroe

Class 6 Commercial
1st Ian Bridgett
2nd Alex Smith
3rd Peter Scothorne
4th Tom Timpson
4th = Liam Bailey

Class 7 Reversible
1st Ian Bridgett
2nd Jon Wheeler
3rd Alex Smith
4th Mark Wagstaff
5th Peter Scothorne

Class 8 World Style
1st Ashley Boyles

Class 9 Garden Tractors
1st Peter Lyon
2nd Mike Berry

Class 10 Ferguson
1st John Kitching
2nd Edmund Mason
3rd J Lingard
3rd = Christopher Rainthorpe
5th Bruce Clark

Class 11 Horses
1st Colin Taylor
1st Ray Graham
2nd James Horn
3rd Mick Osbourne
4th Chris Armstrong

Class 2
1st Alan Boothby
2nd Cliff Lumsden
3rd Wendy Rout

Class 3
1st Roger Ellis
2nd Gary Searston
3rd Philip Strawson
4th Malcolm Mason

Class 4
1st N.J Morley
2nd Adrian Marshall
3rd David Horton
4th Ron Bullock

Class 5
1st John Plowright
2nd Arthur Woolas
3rd Darren Easter
4th Anthony Bolden

Class 6
1st Ian Bridgett
2nd John Wheeler
3rd Chris marshall
4th Kevin Dodds

Class 7
1st John Wheeler
2nd Sam Walters
3rd Edmund Mason
4th Alex Smith
4th Pete Scotthorne

Class 8
1st Ashley Boyles
2nd David Chappell

Class 9
1st Peter Lyon
2nd Mick Green

Class 10
1st Edmund Mason
2nd Chris Rainthorpe
3rd John Kitching
4th Jim Earl


Margaret Langley Challenge Trophy
Jean Brown

Marjorie Crookes Challenge Shield
Caroline Goddard

Children’s Competition
Elsie Bradley

M.J Godfrey Challenge Trophy
E. Morrell

Geoff Williams Challenge Trophy

Simon Barlow Rose Bowl
E. Morrell

Liam Goddard


Class 1 Ploughing Vintage Trailed
1st Mick Osbourne
2nd = N Mosley
2nd = Paul Bartle
4th Richard Hewitt
5th = Brian Curtis
5th = Geoff Dibb

Class 2 Vintage Novice
1st Ben Milnes
2nd Oliver Milnes
3rd Spencer Cartwright
4th Geoff Leeman
5th Colin Johnson

Class 3 Vintage Mounted - Intermediate
1st Rob Davis
2nd Paul Newby
3rd Nigel Widdowson
4th Malcolm Mason
5th Roger Ellis

Class 4 Mounted Open
1st Richard Ingram
2nd Laurie Tinker
3rd Adrian Marshall
4th Dave Horton
5th Ron Craven

Class 5 World Style
1st David Chappell
2nd Tim Waudby
3rd Geoff Fretwell
4th Ashley Boyles

Class 6 Horticultural
1st = Peter Lyon
1st = Brian Carter
3rd John Taylor
4th David Williams

Class 7 Classic
1st George Allwood
2nd Stuart Burden
3rd Mike Childerley
4th Carl Fretwell
5th Andy Cage

Class 8 Ferguson
1st Edmund Mason
2nd John Kitching
3rd Andy French
4th = Graham Barlow
4th = Paul Drage

Class 9 Horses
1st Colin Taylor
2nd Mike Bingham
3rd Mr Worthington
4th G McKay

Class 10 Reversible
1st Michael Fisher
2nd Ian Bridgett
3rd Pete Scothern
4th Liam Goddard
5th Mick Goddard

Best Ploughman of the Day - David Chappell
Best Kept Tractor - Mr Simpson